Portrait of Frank

Frank is a super nice guy, they don't come more genuine than him. He has this natural hardcore look that I wanted to bring out in his portrait so I made sure to photograph him with contrasting light and to keep away from the smiles.

Grampie Luigi and his greenhouse

Grampie Luigi's passion is his garden. He grows everything from giant tomatoes and cucumbers to delicious peppers. Last year he even grew a baby watermelon here in Edmonton. I was able to photograph Luigi in his newly built backyard greenhouse before he transferred the plans into his garden outdoors.

Close Ups

Martin Schoeller inspired close up portrait series.

Barre Body Studio

I never realized how intense a barre workout was until I photographed Edmonton's Barre Body Studio's class. My legs were getting sore just watching these ladies!

I photographed a racehorse, NBD

I did a recent photo shoot for Edmonton entertainment centre Northlands. The job was to photograph Smart Zapper, a thoroughbred racing horse for their upcoming campaign. Little did I know I would be working with great talent. Smart Zapper was a natural when it came to posing and was rewarded with carrots after the shoot. He did take a crap in the middle of the set though...

Final artwork for billboard and online

Final artwork for billboard and online

November Project!

This morning I photographed Edmonton's branch of the November Project, a free fitness movement that started in Boston and is quickly spreading across North America. Our local community is organized and run by Edmonton Oiler's captain Andrew Ference, his sister Jen Ference and Nadim Chin. The workouts are three times a week and are just as intense and hardcore as the embracing community of Edmontonians who attend. I highly recommend getting out for a sweat, find out more here!

Vacation photos from Maui

I took a trip to Maui for the first time for a much needed vacay and of course I brought my camera with me. Even when I'm on vacation I'm searching for the perfect photo!

Anthony's Baptism

I had the privilege of photographing a recent baptism here in Edmonton for Priscila, Nelson and their son Anthony. He was such a good baby and both families were very loving.